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Key rights for people with disabilities

March – September 2013

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Our project focused on the development of seminars, cooperation and structured dialogue between young people, active in youth work and youth organizations, and politicians, responsible for the youth policy. The action took place in Limassol. The target group were young people aged between 15 to 30 years old. The program involved actively 60 young people in all the stages of its implementation and additionally a big group of young students. The total duration of the project was eight months.

The methods that we have applied for the implementation of the action were based on techniques of non-formal learning. Through the development of workshops and structured dialogue, young people had the opportunity to express  their views/ opinions, to learn and be inventive, to create, and to become active European citizens.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The rights of children with disabilities are the same as those of all children. It is up

to you to let the world know about the Convention. People must speak out and take

action if they want their societies to include everyone.

If you have a disability, this Convention gives you, your government and your family

tools for achieving your rights and your dreams. You should have an equal chance to

go to school and join in other activities. The adults in your life should help you move around,

communicate and play with other children, no matter what kind of disability you may have.

You are a citizen, a member of your family and community, and you have a great contribution to make.

What you can do

It’s important to change attitudes and rules so that children who have disabilities can go to school,

play and take part in activities that every child wants to do.

Does your school include children with disabilities in classes and all

other activities? Are your teachers listening and responding to those among you who

have special needs? Is there a ramp, a sign language interpreter or other assistive

technologies? Good! Then your school treats children with disabilities fairly by giving

them an equal chance to learn. Your school follows the Convention.

Unfortunately, many people don’t treat children with disabilities fairly. You have a role

in making your community more inclusive. You can start in your own home and school

to change the minds of your parents and teachers.

There are many things you can do to teach others about the Convention on the Rights

of Persons with Disabilities and the potential of young people with disabilities.

For example, you can:

  • Get involved with an organization or a campaign. There is strength in numbers.

To join forces with others, you can support or join a local chapter of a national or

international organization. They may have specific programmes or campaigns for

young people.

  •  Create your own project. Start an awareness campaign, hold a fund-raiser, conduct

a survey, write a petition to remove barriers you have encountered.

  • Organize a club to promote the Convention. Bring children with different abilities

together, hold social events with all your friends and invite new people to join.

    • Hold presentation in your school and in surrounding scgools about the right of people with disabilities.
    • Be createtive. Make posters and put on plays to help your fellow students understand the rights included in the Convention. Ask a parent or teacher to help organize the presentation
and plan where and when you will be able to teach.
  • Make art with a group of your friends about the rights of people with disabilities.

These can be drawings, paintings or sculptures – whatever you want to make

to help share the news. See if you can display your artwork in your school, local

libraries, galleries or restaurants – anywhere people will be able to enjoy your

art. You can move your exhibition to different locations over time and share the
Convention with many people.
These are just a few ideas of things you can do — the sky is the limit.


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